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Beginning in 2013, Pivot TV engaged Students of the World (SOW) to create compelling content that targeted socially-conscious millennials. Pivot TV is a TV Channel that targets millennials with a wide set of talents and interests. This content ranged from short films to social media campaigns to basic ideation and creative consulting. More than 60 films from Students of the World and the SOW community were created for Pivot TV. Additionally, SOW helped Pivot carry out Film Challenges and other programs to engage student filmmakers.


Pivot TV wanted to find unique and compelling ways to engage millennials, specifically millennial creatives and socially minded millennials. In addition to showing short films on their channel, Pivot also wanted to find ways to get millennial creatives involved in the creative process and with their network.

Strategic Approach

To address the needs of Pivot TV, SOW worked on a variety of projects from 2013 to 2015. To implement an effective solution to Pivot TV’s challenge, SOW took a unique approach by partnering with Pivot’s Ad Sales team. This partnership worked very well because Pivot and SOW have the same value system in terms of developing, effective purpose-driven content.

The overall working relationship evolved into a branded content pipeline created between the Ad Sales team and SOW. SOW ended up practically being an extension of the Ad Sales team in a model that has been honed since 2011.

Through this approach, SOW would deliver strategic, creative, and production assets to Pivot. This approach demonstrated that SOW could execute on issue-forward content as well as native branded content that was story-driven and in line with marketing campaigns. Examples of both can be found in the Assets sections below.

Film Productions

We worked on a variety of productions for a variety of clients. Some of theme were theme-focused and cause-based productions that supported Pivot programming. These productions included Earth Month, Food for Thought, and Pride Month. Other films were for Pivot Partners and were branded productions. The branded productions below were the Febreze Fresh Comedy, 16th Street Hyundai, 4A’s, and iAspire work.

  • Earth Month Content Production

    • Managed student production of two interstitials aired on Pivot TV as part of their One Earth programming.

  • Febreze Fresh Comedy

    • Designed, developed, launched, and managed the Fresh Comedy program with Pivot TV and Febreze, engaging two comedic student crews to develop humorous content that aligns with the Noseblind campaign.

  • Food for Thought Content Production

    • Delivered three original films to Pivot to air during Food For Thought programming.

    • Two films were produced by student filmmakers and the third film was produced by a professional SOW filmmaker.

  • “16th Street” Hyundai

    • Three short films created

    • More than 20 millennial creatives engaged

  • American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s)

    • Recruited and managed two student filmmakers and a professional filmmaker to create three short films on “ReSolve,” an intensive think-tank that brought together young advertisers to address creative solutions to the hunger crisis in New York City.

  • iAspire Grant

    • Created and developed the iAspire Grant, a nationwide grant program for university students across the country.

    • Grant created to empower millennial student leaders to continue working on their initiative to address the issue of sexual violence on their campus and to share their ideas.

  • iAspire For Her

    • Created a nationwide platform for athletes across the US to take a stand against sexual assault by dedicating a game, message, and social media post to a woman in their life that they love.

    • Created and shipped individual “Influencer Kits” containing a roll of athletic tape along with a welcome note with explicit and easy to follow instructions asking the athlete to take a photo and share on social media.

  • Pride Month Content Production

    • Produced and delivered three films to air on Pivot TV to complement #takePRIDE programming.


SOW aided Pivot TV by creating programming to engage a millennial audience, often specifically focusing on millennial creatives through the use of programs such as film challenges.

  • Bay Area Film Challenge

    • Designed, developed, and executed a film challenge for the Bay Area.

  • Bloom Film Challenge

    • Designed, developed and executed the nation-wide Bloom Film Challenge.

  • Creative Activist Network

    • Expanded ability of Pivot to reach students by creating chapter programs called the “Creative Activist Network” across the country.

    • Students in CAN were encouraged to create Social Action Projects (SAPs) content throughout the year that would have the opportunity to be distributed on Pivot if they stayed within a certain theme.

    • Social Action Projects were featured on Pivot’s TakePart show.

  • Emerging Voices Production Program

    • Designed and launched the Emerging Voices Production Program to support aspiring filmmakers from diverse backgrounds.

    • Our inaugural grantee Nelson Navarrete received a production grant, mentorship from an award-winning filmmaker, and national distribution of his film “Harvesting Hope” on Pivot TV.

  • SXSW Media Ambassadors Program

    • Engaged two university students to cover SXSW from the millennial perspective

    • Covered Participant’s day of panels and published content on social channels

  • UT Film Challenge

    • Designed, developed, and executed a film challenge at the University of Texas Austin

Marketing Support

SOW utilized our marketing capabilities through our partnership with Pivot TV. In the below examples, we were able to engage our target audiences through social media interaction, targeted outreach, and partnerships with influencers.

  • “HITRECORD on TV” Show Promotion

    • Developed and delivered a social media campaign to promote the launch of the HITRECORD ON TV series

    • Hosted a Bay Area viewing party to promote the show

    • Engaged the larger network by shipping Pivot TV and hitRECord swag to flagship campus chapters

  • #EarthDayEveryDay Social Media Campaign Support

    • Developed and published social media content promoting the social media campaign

    • Supported promotion for Pivot TV’s #EarthDayEveryDay social media contest

  • #TakePRIDE Campaign Support

    • Developed and delivered a social media campaign to support Pivot TV’s communication efforts

    • Spearheaded a national outreach plan and discussion with LGBTQ-related organizations, film communities, individual filmmakers, and university clubs

  • “Please Like Me Show Promotion”

    • Developed and delivered a social media and communications plan to promote the series launch

  • “Human Resources” Show Promotion

    • Developed and delivered a social media and communications plan to promote the series launch


  • Over a dozen production projects were successfully completed for Pivot, spanning over 60 films

  • Over 110 students from 48 universities signed up for the Bloom Film Challenge. A total of 22 video shorts were produced, with four films airing on Pivot TV, resulting in over 4.5 million media impressions during the campaign.

  • Two university students were engaged to cover the SXSW from the millennial perspective for the SXSW Media Ambassadors Program

All Assets

Below are all videos that were created for Pivot TV.