JOB LOCATION: San Francisco, CA

About the Position

We are a small agency with seven employees, so there is a lot of opportunity to learn about a variety of the aspects as well as take on meaningful and tangible projects that will have impact.

This position works with very closely with the CSpence Group staff, assisting with Production and Office management. You will learn about management, organization, production, and the creative process from an experienced team, assisting on all phases of the production process from planning, kickoff, execution, management, and delivery. Additionally, there may be opportunities to create short film content for both internal and external use.


General Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assist with media production, project and team management, and office management.

  • Help to support an efficient and smooth operations process.

  • Help expand CSG’s creative vendor partnerships.

Project Based Tasks

  • Media Productions

    • Assist with the planning, scheduling and executing

    • Budget management/receipts tracking

    • Manage payments and W9s for vendors

    • Prepare meeting agendas, take meeting notes

    • Assign tasks to teammates and ensure completion of work

  • Content distribution

    • Maintain Vimeo and YouTube organization

    • Trafficking of films from vendors to SOW

    • Work with Intern team to create a curation plan for rotating SOW content  

  • Research and manage technical needs

    • Vendor vetting

    • Print & programming quotes

    • Research on technical options

  • Creative Vendor Partnership

    • Establish communication with local creatives, including: independent filmmakers, graphic designers, photographers, and developers.

    • Plan and run Capabilities meetings

    • Develop and propose preferred communication method with creative partners

    • Update and maintain database of creative partners

  • Event Planning

    • Lead planning and execution of events as needed

    • Team management during process

  • Production Support

    • Assist on completion of any additional production needs


Job Requirements:

We are seeking someone to work 20-40 hours per week.  Hourly rate is negotiable based on experience. 



JOB LOCATION: San Francisco, CA

About the Position - Community Engagement Intern:

This position is a crucial component of SOW and CSG’s success and growth. You will work closely with our staff to support program development and strategy, conduct community outreach, tackle project-based research, and provide strategic recommendations for continued community engagement.  You will work closely with the CSpence staff and the Students of the World Community, assisting with communications, brand development, community management, research and strategy.


General Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work managing communications with our community members via email

  • Assist with conceiving, producing and writing engagement materials such as blog content, website content, new business materials

  • Source editorial content from SOW network and community

  • Maintain the Students of the World voice and vision throughout the materials created to ensure a strong and consistent brand

  • Work with the CSpence team to create content for client-based projects

  • Conduct research for client and internal projects as needed

  • Support and continue on the outreach strategy aimed at cultivating and growing our increasing network of emerging creatives from across the country


Project Based Tasks

  • Community Management

    • Develop and execute email marketing strategy for Students of the World channels

    • Create bi-monthly metrics reports measuring efficacy and proposing actionable optimizations

  • Community Resources

    • Develop a resource bank for new and existing members:

      • Examples may include:

        • Relevant organizations and sources of info in the media for good space

        • General filmmaking resources   

  • Research & Strategy for client projects/new business (As needed)

  • Support on meeting planning, execution, and follow-ups

    • Blog development

    • Maintain communication with M-LAB members

  • Event Planning (as needed)

    • Support in planning and execution of summer Community meet-ups.

Job Requirements:

We are seeking someone to work 20-40 hours per week.  Hourly rate is negotiable based on experience.